Our 1st Year

Meet LiLou!

2015 BBQ, Blues & Bikes Festival

2016 Parade Appearances

*Irvington Railroad Festival Parade

*Breckinridge County Fair Parade

 More to come!

Cody was the “life of the party” guy. He seemed happy, carefree, and had the world in the palm of his hands…then, out of know where, he took his life…We lose 22 veterans just like him EVERYDAY.  We must end PTSD suicides.  Cody’s Cause, Inc. is working hard to bring awareness, change and to help our veterans learn to LIVE life to the fullest.  Please join us in this mission!!  Thank you to all the wonderful people who have volunteered their time and hard work to make all of this happen!!!  As Cody would say, ” Go big or Go home!”!

Cody's Cause, Inc. Helping to Provide Service Dogs to Veterans