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  • 01 Nov 13

  • James Wilson

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Artist Spotlight of the Month

We here at RobotDog celebrate art and creativity in all of it’s various forms. We feel it’s good to have a wide range of inspiration and influences when it comes to your work. With that said, I’ve decided I’m going to do a monthly post spotlighting a different artist and their work each month. This months spotlight is on stencil/street artist FAKE.

FAKE is a Dutch artist from Amsterdam. He was born on May 15th 1980 and has been doing graffiti and street art half his life. He is self-taught and started experimenting and combining styles early on to develop a unique style and signature all his own. Relying less on social commentary like his contemporaries, his clean, taut work, is full of color, humor and twists of irony. Fake has had his work featured in shows all over the world; from Holland, Norway, Denmark and the UK, the US and even countries as far as Iran. Fake is a master of many different forms of media however, this is not holding him back from hitting the streets with his art on a regular basis, making him Amsterdam’s most known stencil artist, both on the streets and on canvas.




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